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HIPAA Compliant Live Chat

HIPAA Compliant Live Chat

Better conversations in healthcare.

Our HIPAA Compliant Live Chat will help your healthcare organization grow faster by making the communication with patients efficent, fast, and secure. The HIPAA Compliant Live Chat is also compatible with all website systems.

Double your staff.

Having a call center is expensive. The call agent can only handle one call at time which translates to increased hold times, stressed agents, bigger costs, and ultimately, unhappy patients. With our HIPAA Compliant Live Chat you can communicate with multiple patients at once.

Secure and confident way to communicate with your patients.

Our HIPAA Compliant Live Chat is custom built for healthcare organizations, with all the HIPAA requirements on security, confidentiality and time-sensitive health information that are there to protect the patient.

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JoonJoon’s fantastic digital solutions have been a game changer for my insurance business.

- Alex Morgan
Morgan Insurance

I never believed that orthopedic services can be transformed into a digital business. JoonJoon made the entire process so intuitive and easy, and I’m beyond words to explain how satisfied I’m with their digital solutions.

- Dr. Armin M. Tehrany
Founder of Manhattan Orthopedic Care